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We are living in a rapidly changing world. Young people can find themselves lost in a society demanding more of them. Targets, assessments and academic abilities can be measured, but what about emotional development? Emotional literacy covers many aspect like the ability to express how they feel in a healthy way or having the language to describe how they feel.

Emotional awareness impacts all aspects of individuals lives from school, home life, socialising and ultimately employment or higher education. Emotional solutions work at empowering individuals through awareness and enable them to realise their potential with increased self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.

How we work

Emotional solutions provide training that looks at laying firm foundation of emotional awareness, for both staff and young people. Working with subjects like emotional literacy, communications skill, increasing self-esteem and conflict resolution.

What we offer

Offering services to schools and other organisations to support their work in promoting the welfare, well-being, protection and self-empowerment of young people .

Providing specialist consultancy, professional training and policy development.
Delivering services directly to young people, their families and members of staff.

Promoting opportunities for informed discussion on issues affecting the welfare and well-being of children, particularly in educational settings.
Ensuring the continued availability of professional expertise which may no longer be on offer to schools and other bodies with the reduction of directly-provided public sector services and the move towards a greater emphasis combining experiences and knowledge.


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