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Staff moral low? Conflict in the workplace?


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Emotional resilience, stress management, assertiveness, conflict management all terms being used in different spheres, but they all have one thing in common, the human factor.

Emotional solutions develops organisational capabilities while addressing individual’s personal needs and is committed to reducing the human and financial costs of poorly managed conflict, stress and emotional problems.

How we work

Understanding that a one-size fits all approach to conflict ignores individual differences and the complexities of organisational life, that’s why we work closely with clients to consider all options.

We empower organisations through individual members of staff to understand the dynamics of emotional management and release the potential not just in the workplace but in all aspects of life. Whether coaching individuals or facilitating difficult conversations between individuals or teams, we build practical conflict management capabilities that enhance all aspects of our clients’ lives and work.

What we offer

Organisation emotional health surveys. This survey covers all aspects on individuals lives as they all have an impact on work place and includes stress, conflict, and communication skills. Each individual will receive a confidential personal report and the organisation a overview of emotional health together with a report and recommendations. Specific training can then be facilitated to ensure maximum effectiveness and yield positive changes in workplace health and productivity of the organisation.

Specialist training in managing difficult people and situations. Designed for individuals who interact with the general public such as call centre and customer service department.

Conflict prevention and emotional resilience training, conflict coaching, mediation, and dispute management. Understanding the strong correlation between workplace stress and conflict we offer expertise in reducing the costs of conflict-related situations.

A consultancy service working with organisational leaders and HR specialists to design and implement conflict and stress management strategies.


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